Our consultancy firm

inno TSD is...

A multidisciplinary international and experienced team

Based on the phrase “let our differences enrich us”, our team combines economic expertise and an understanding of technological challenges and innovation opportunities to help build a vision of the future.

A unique network of over 150 partners in France, Europe, the United States of America and Asia

Leading and influential research and innovation actors trust us to lead their projects. Working with us grants gives you access to this unrivalled network of experts.

An ability to comprehend local, national and European situations

Our expertise enables us to combine knowledge from different spatial and economic contexts and create synergies based on pragmatic and tailored solutions

An access to a successful track record of project interventions delivered through hands-on innovation project implementation

Our 30 years of experience gained at the heart of some of Europe’s leading innovation ecosystems (development of Sophia-Antipolis, supporting start-ups, cluster internationalisation and participating in 200 European projects), has enabled us to become European leaders in the design and implementation of innovation policies.

Our history

Inno TSD’s history starts on October 16th, 1986 in Sophia-Antipolis, when TSD (Technopolis Service Development) was created.

Inno TSD’s history starts on October 16th, 1986 in Sophia-Antipolis, when TSD (Technopolis Service Development) was created.

Supported by the founder of Sophia-Antipolis, Pierre Lafitte, TSD seeks to exploit and share the technopole model with other locations in France and Europe. Its objective is to promote cross-fertilisation, collaborative research and open-innovation for businesses and research actors.

TSD merged in 1999 with inno, based in Karlsruhe, a company excelling in commercialising research and innovation knowledge. TSD becomes inno TSD and can now offer its clients access to a complete portfolio of services spanning the full innovation, business and entrepreneurship value chain. The two offices of Karlsruhe and Sophia-Antipolis are soon joined by three other offices, in Rostock, Vienna and Stockholm, reinforcing geographical coverage and providing the team with access to the best European innovation practices.

In 2001, Marc Pattinson becomes the General Manager of inno TSD and reinforces the integration of the company into European networks. Marc is today an expert in the field of regional innovation strategies and clusters and is often called upon by the European Commission to reflect on its innovation policies (expert member of the S3 Mirror Group, expert to the DG GROW, auditor of the ESCA cluster label...).

From 2006 onwards, inno TSD becomes one of France’s leading operators of business entrepreneurship and start-up centres and it opens new offices in Aix-en-Provence, Saint-Brieuc and Strasbourg for the teams in charge of managing incubators and business centres on behalf of the local authorities.

Today, inno TSD has a turnover of €3.5m, a team of 20 people in France, supported by a European group with a €10m turnover and 60 consultants.

To work with us is to access excellence, for your research, your studies and your European projects on innovation.

  • 1986

    Birth of TSD

  • 1993

    1er projet européen collaboratif (Natibs - FP5)

  • 1995

    1ère stratégie régionale d’innovation

  • 1999

    TSD merges with inno (Karlsruhe)

  • 2006

    1ère pépinière en gestion (Meyreuil)

  • 2007

    Opening of an office in Saint-Brieuc

  • 2010

    Lancement de grands projets internationaux vers l’Asie, les Etats-Unis, et les Balkans

  • 2015

    Lancement du marché plateforme et réseaux

  • 2016

    Opening of an office in Paris

  • today

    inno group has more than 60 employees across Europe