Networks and platforms

Platforms and related services help both homogenous and heterogenous stakeholder communities work together and improve policy delivery and outcomes. This “sharing and information space” can be transformed into a permanent observatory providing policy makers with a tool for long term programme delivery and a policy monitoring tool. We work with the European institutions and regional authorities in conceiving and moderating their platforms and managing the associated stakeholders.

Our missions

Creation of platforms and services to enhance the delivery public policies

Exchange of good practices, sharing of experiences, policy monitoring, advisory services, forums, content dissemination, capitalisation of project results, follow-up of needs, experimentations.

Through the design of platforms inno TSD seeks to provide clients with tools and methods that provide spaces to facilitate real time interfaces for the exchange of value added information for the various public policies stakeholders (donors, operators, beneficiaries…) and relevant intermediaries, to support various institutions in designing, implementing and improving their public policies.

Our services

  • Conducting policy needs analyses and market studies;
  • Identifying and disseminating good practices;
  • Writing policy briefs, white papers and articles;
  • Organising events and forums with and for the strategic stakeholders;
  • Supporting the monitoring and evaluation of public policies.

Community Engagement and Management

Match-making events, webinars, expert networks, social networks, fora, online surveys

A living platform requires dynamic management: inno TSD co-create solutions with its clients and the targeted stakeholders and designs management strategies adapted to each community.

Our services

  • Organising and animating match-making events;
  • Organising and animating webinars;
  • Implementing online tools for public consultations and conference voting;
  • Connecting policy makers and thematic experts;
  • Designing communication strategies (news, social networks, publications).

Development of bespoke digital tools

Websites, mobile applications, participatory web platforms, interactive mapping tools

To create trust and sustainable relationships in a community as well as creating exchange interfaces between actors sometimes requires specific and external support: inno TSD develops and hosts bespoke digital tools to meet these needs.

Our services

  • Developing internet platforms (portal and website projects) and mobile applications;
  • Developing participatory web platforms;
  • Conceiving online survey tools;
  • Designing interactive mapping tools;
  • Hosting and processing the developed tools.

Some figures

700Clusters on the European Cluster Collaboration Platform
4500Registered users of the ECCP
20Collaborative project websites