EU Projects

We work with some of the best research and innovation stakeholders in Europe and internationally to support their collaborative research and development projects, or international collaboration, financed by the European Commission.

We work in all the main technology sectors and have an in-depth knowledge of three fields: ICT, health and energy and seek to exploit cross-sectoral synergies where possible such as E-Health, Smart Grids.

Expertise fields


Our missions

Call detection, project planning, bid preparation and coordination

Identifying calls, proposal writing, project management, policy dialogue support, international RDI collaboration implementation, engaging with SMEs

inno TSD provides its proven expertise for organisations seeking to develop innovative projects in Europe and at an international level.

Our services

  • Call detection, consortium building, development of innovative projects, proposal drafting, coordination of the budget and submission process
  • Project coordination - Research and Innovation Actions, Coordination and Support Actions – and technical assistance projects
  • Management of European and international project teams gathering technical experts, RDI and policy stakeholders, and economic analysts
  • Close exchange with the European Commission, experts and project partners

Impact maximisation

Dissemination and communication actions, digital strategies, stakeholder engagement, community building, co-creation, exploitation strategies, sustainability planning

Delivering and tracking project impacts is crucial for the success of a project. inno TSD helps to build relationships, reach wide audiences, deliver positive impacts, create and promote sustainable outcomes.

Our missions

  • Communication and dissemination: development and deployment of plans and tools;
  • Platform animation: helping policy actors access and share good practices;
  • Stakeholder engagement and community building: advisory boards, stakeholder panels, communities of practice…;
  • Public consultations: validation workshops, conferences, online tools, …;
  • Exit strategies, roll out planning: exploitation and sustainability strategies, management of IPR/exploitation boards...;
  • Impact assessment: measurement, reporting and showcasing project success stories.

Deliver strategic international and interregional collaboration

Roadmap development, policy dialogue support, support to international RDI collaboration

Cross-border and international collaboration has its own challenges: finding a strategic partner, designing the most appropriate collaborative scheme, establishing a long-term relationship of mutual benefit… inno TSD provides support at the operational level, but works also on the strategic level, providing recommendations to European and regional policy stakeholders.

Our services

  • Development of international roadmaps to strengthen research and innovation and industrial/business collaboration
  • Support of researchers, SMEs, clusters and intermediaries in international collaboration exchanges through training, matchmaking, mentoring, conferences; …
  • Facilitate interregional collaboration and co-investment projects;
  • Contribution to policy dialogue between the European Commission and international partner countries.

Analyses, studies and reports

Policy research, evaluations, framework contracts, impact assessments, KPI monitoring, needs analyses, international benchmarks…

Thanks to over 30 years of hands-on project experience inno TSD has developed an array of powerful research and analytical tools that utilise state of the art methodologies and techniques such as big data mining, horizon scanning combined with the knowledge of the teams selected to work on the projects. This approach, based on robust analysis, provides clients with meaningful insights to their challenges and optimises the performance of their projects and policy initiatives.

Our services

  • Delivering policy insights via foresight exercises, policy evaluations and EU wide mapping exercises;
  • Set up of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), identification of bottlenecks, monitoring of results and deployment of contingency plans;
  • Development of benchmarks, SWOT and market analyses;
  • Impact assessments;
  • Expertise such as online digital surveys, qualitative interviews, consultation and validation workshops, etc.

Some figures

200European projects
18Horizon 2020 projects
40% Success rate